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Welcome to our site, celebrating a seriously underrated relief pitcher who took part in the Phillies best era of baseball and played in the post-season six times, along the way earning a World Series ring!

While Tug McGraw gets all the credit in the Phillies bullpen, Ron Reed is forgotten about. Although Reed spent fewer seasons in Philly, he had a higher WAR than McGraw and a lower WHIP. With a record of 57-38, along with 90 saves, despite sharing the bullpen with McGraw (and while starters actually finished their games,) Reed was an instrumental part of the Phillies success in what is often considered the best era of Phillies baseball in its history.

One of the biggest flaws in the Phillies Wall of Fame is the fan voting. Due to the younger Phillies' fans, players like Ron Reed, Dick Ruthven, and Manny Trillo get ignored as they are unknown to the younger fans. Players like Brad Lidge who only had one good season in Philly will likely make the Wall of Fame long before a player like Reed due to this. It's not right!

The point to this site is to bring attention to the plight of Ronald Lee Reed and get him elected to the Phillies Wall of Fame!

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